Diving in the lakes of Carinthia - breathtaking impressions for you!

So much to explore! Find out the unique experience of totally different dives in our nearby lakes . There are mystic impressions of walls in the depth, crystal clear waters and fish. Even historic relicts are waiting for you!

Lake Wörth shore dives

The main lake in our region offers beautiful dive spots on its north and south shore. Reachable by car after 20 minutes the dive sites offer a safe entry. Most of this dives can be enjoyed by beginners as well as by experienced divers. Grab your tank, weights, a perfect briefing and start right off with your buddy. In case you like to enjoy a guided dive just let us know, our professional guides are more than happy to show you the beauty in Lake Wörth!

Price: EUR 15,- (10 liter tank with double valve, air, weights and a perfect briefing)

Lake Wörth boat dives

Wonderful spots which are not reachable from the shore can be offered with our dive boat. Up to 5 guests and their guide and skipper get to unique dive sites within minutes. Please contact us if you are interested in a boat trip, we wait for your message on Whatsapp, Facebook, eMail or just call! In high season the boat follows a regular schedule, check out our dive plan online! 

Price: EUR 29,- (10 liter tank with double valve, air, weights and a perfect briefing)


It's all about the people! Our friendly staff of instructors and dive guides are more than happy to show you and your buddies the beauty of our lakes. All of them are certified SSI Dive Guides in active professional status. Our man focus is your safety and fun on all dive operations we offer. Starting with the checkin at the dive base through the trip to the debriefing we care about a perfect and professional experience. Please let us know your reservation via phonecall, eMail, Facebook message ore Whatsapp chat.

Price: EUR 39,- (per dive, maximum group of 4-6 persons depending on the dive type)

Excursions to further lakes

We are happy to live in an area which has so many different lakes. The unique situation that every single lake gives you a totally different experience will guarantee unforgettable memories. We created packages with 2 dives each and you can decide to explore the dive sites on your own after a perfect briefing or book one of our professional guides.

Ever package contains 2 10 liter tanks with double valve, air, weights and briefing.

Price EUR 19,- (you dive without guide)

Prices for guided excursions and 2 dives each:

  • Freibacher Stausee  (1/2 day) EUR 59,-

  • Längssee-Freibacher Stausee combination (1/2 day) EUR 69,-

  • Millstättersee  incl. wall (3/4 day) EUR 79,-

  • Millstättersee incl. wreck (1/2 day) please ask

  • Weissensee experience (1 day) EUR 99,- incl. lunch

  • Grüblsee Alpenaquarium (1 day) EUR 99,- incl. lunch


Every trip can be booked at this prices starting with 2 divers. Private guide options are available also for single divers. Our dive base offers this trips on a regular schedule, individual arrangements are possible -  just drop us a message!

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