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Excursion dates

Find planned trips here! From 2 people you can book each excursion individually. Let us know when you want!

Cap Worth 2023

In the fire brigade's training pool we have space to practice, play and we bring you cool equipment to test. Take the opportunity to train and stay fit for diving in winter!

Next dates:

  • per request


Egypt Liveboard

Best diving from the luxury dive ship in the Red Sea. Eat - sleep - dive - repeat. A whole week with up to 21 dives at the most beautiful spots in the world awaits you!

Next dates:

  • 28.10. - 4.11.2023


Malta & Gozo

A new destination in the Klagenfurt diving shop. Together with our locally experienced guides you will experience the best diving experiences on the Mediterranean island. Great wrecks, impressive drop-offs and many dive sites for all levels of experience ensure an unforgettable experience.

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Next meetings:

  • June 10 - 17, 2023(4 places free)


Freibach reservoir

Magnificent view of a beautiful mountain lake. Our guides will show you fish, the sunken mill and more. Ideally suited for all divers - accompaniment over water is very welcome here.

Next dates:

  • per request



Pearl of the Alps - always a pleasure. We are always welcome with our friends "in the mountains"!

Next dates:

  • per request


Y-40 Padua

The deepest thermal pool in the world at 42.3m awaits us with 32°C warm water. Diving, freediving, practice and courses are offered by us. We will be happy to reserve the right apartment for you for the night. For the prices just click on the picture!

Next meetings:

  • in planning


Selce / Croatia

Great diving in the northern adriatic sea - combined with croatian hospitality and wonderful food. Join in to wrecks, walls and marine life with great visibility!

Next dates:

  • per request



Paradise in the Caribbean. Gorgeous beaches, top dive sites and individual diving. The island also has a lot to offer in other respects - a dream holiday par excellence. Perfectly organised, guided and still free, that is our concept for you!

Here is all the information!

Next meetings:

  • 12.11. - 26.11.2023


long sea

Shallow but spectacular! We meet pike, catfish, pikeperch and crabs. We will also find contemporary witnesses with you!

Next dates:

  • per request


Klopeiner See

Known and famous in Carinthia. The Klopeiner See is considered the warmest bathing lake in our region. Big pike, carp, catfish and lots of other life can be admired there in the midst of many sunken attractions. Also perfect for beginners and returnees.

Next meetings:

  • Appointment on request


Millstätter See

Our deepest lake in Carinthia offers something for every diver. Great vegetation, a lot of life and gigantic steep walls!

Next dates:

  • per request


Curacao Caribbean

The dream vacation par excellence. Activities not only under water, a wonderful climate and all-round wellbeing. The duration of the trip can be selected individually from 8-16 days.

Next dates:

  • per request


South Africa shark diving

Experience five shark species on every dive? Observe tiger sharks and other large fish up close (no cage)? Accommodation in a great hotel right by the sea and a dive center that leaves nothing to be desired? Yes, that's exactly what we have for you! Tour guide: Wolfgang

Next meetings:

  • 24.2. - 9.3.2023


alpine aquarium

The ultimate indoor diving experience! 32 ° C warm water and sensational diving opportunities in all depths up to 42m await us on this trip. With overnight stay and fine cuisine!

Next dates:

  • June 17, 2023

  • July 9, 2023

  • August 5, 2023



Something for demanding divers. The fascination of mines, stone formations and glittering rocks. In addition, there is a wonderful silence in the depths of the reservoir, which is 1080m high.

Next dates:

  • per request


Boat tours

Dive sites in the middle of the Wörthersee - reached in 10 minutes with our diving boat, a wonderful and mystical world opens up under water. There are tours for newbies and for experienced divers.

Next dates:

  • per request

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