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medical for diving

If you want to learn to dive, you need a confirmation from a doctor. If your family doctor cannot issue this confirmation, you will find tips here:


dr Dagmar Ortner

Paulitschgasse 14

9020 Klagenfurt

0463/507 011

Appointment by email

peoples market

dr Gisela Schautzer

main square 16

9100 People's Market



dr Ingo Kager

Keutschach 56

9074 Keutschach


Appointment by email

or via our Nicole


dr Ines Berger-Uckermann

Nikolaigasse 39

9500 Villach


We also provide you with the necessary forms for download here. Please print out the form and bring it with you to the doctor's appointment and send it to us as a scan or bring it with you to your first training unit.

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