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dive sites

You can find a small overview of our favorite dive sites here. It is so nice to dive in Carinthia!


Advanced divers

With our dive boat or from land, we dive through the most famous thermocline in the country. A wonderfully shimmering green accompanies us on the search for steep walls and past witnesses. You can see vegetation, catfish, pike and perch - plus beautiful geological formations. The dive site cannot be beated in terms of mysticism.


Klopeiner See

Beginner & Intermediate

A beautiful lake in Carinthia - famous and known for great diving experiences. You are guaranteed to experience lots of fish, cool underwater installations and a fantastic ambience. At relatively shallow depths of up to 15m, it swarms with pike, catfish, crabs and other creatures. A historic dugout waits patiently for our divers. Relaxed and also suitable as a family outing thanks to the lido.



Beginner & Intermediate

The highest bathing lake in Europe offers us a wonderful excursion destination. We find several dive sites for all levels there. With mostly good visibility, we find sunken trees, fish and great geological formations. The idyllic natural paradise also offers a dreamlike area for companions above water.


Freibach reservoir

Beginner & Intermediate

An idyllic village with a proud mountain stream flowing through it: that was more than 70 years ago. Then the water came. A mountain lake was created by a dam and many buildings were buried under the floods forever. Forever? Not quite. Some of the remnants are now a popular attraction for our divers. We enjoy this lake with mostly wonderful visibility.


Soboth reservoir

Advanced divers

This fjord-like lake, which extends over two federal states, offers a unique diving experience. Gold-colored water, bizarre rock formations and glittering stones make this dive site appear so unique. Clear visibility in complete darkness requires some diving experience. This lake is at 1080m above sea level.


Millstätter See

Beginner & Intermediate

There is a very special dive site at the deepest lake in Carinthia. After the entrance, the terrain drops steeply until it suddenly breaks off vertically downwards. A rock wall that reaches into infinite depths. This huge rock face is unforgettable. We float along the wall with a great view before the ascent into the overgrown shore zone begins. Pike, catfish and many other fish accompany us until we exit the mostly clear water.


long sea


Zander, pike and catfish are waiting for you in this lake. A comfortable entry and shallow diving depths make this lake so attractive for our divers. Apart from the fish, there are still relics and interesting finds that have been waiting for our divers for many decades.

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